DEC Engineers is a leader in sustainable design covering commercial office, retail, K-12 and upper education, governmental and laboratory. Occupant and environmental health is an important aspect through our planning and design of any facility. The depth of LEED Accredited Professionals at DEC Engineers adds an extensive level of expertise in the sustainable subject matter for thorough analysis and execution. DEC Engineers led sustainable engineering to grant the Columbia Center the first LEED for Existing Buildings certification in San Diego as well as certified the DEC Engineers corporate headquarters.

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Additional LEED Experience

  • Hunter Industries
  • J&D Laboratories
  • Campus Pointe
  • Life Technologies
  • MCBCP Child Development Center
  • Dawson Senior Housing
  • Mesa View Plaza
  • Jackson and Blanc Corporate Headquarters
  • Wilco
  • Del Mar Heights
  • Camp Cuyamaca
  • Range Improvements Target AFB, Fallon, NV